Thursday, 18 October 2012

How to Select a Colour for your Bedroom

In our rush, rush, gotta have things done yesterday madness, often our bedroom is our only place for solitude and reflection.

It is the place where we spend a third of our lives and yet we often pay little to no attention to how this room makes us feel.

We may choose to use a red paint for a feature wall. Thinking that this is the colour of passion and romance. Something desirable in the bedroom. While this is true, it is also the favourite colour of fast food companies, airlines and discount department stores. Red increases blood pressure and your heart rate for it is associated with danger and strength. So do away with red in the bedroom!
red bedroom zuny

Instead green is a perfect colour as it calms and soothes. Think about the television studio "green" rooms. They help guests calm and compose themselves before the nervousness of being on TV sets is. Being the opposite colour to red, it also has a message of safety. Something we need to feel in our sanctuary.
Looking at the 2 room above and below, how do you feel? I know which one I would get better sleep in.

green bedroom zuny

The latest colours used in the bedroom have been mono tonal black and white. Black gives a feeling of elegance and formality, it can be overpowering but equally impressive and contrasts starkly against the pure nature of white.

black and white bedroom zuny

After selecting a colour palette to work from and depending on the size of your room you need to select the correct furniture.
It all comes down to scale and what feels right. Personally I like to have a very simple collection of furniture. The bed, simple, low besides, bedside lamps and a chair. That is it! Definitely NO TV or DVD player in my bedroom. It is purely for quite time.

My ideal bedroom looks a little like this.
Grey simple bedroom zuny

Peace, Abby

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