Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Home Storage Ideas

With many houses in Sydney, especially close to the city, space poor, we need to look afield for smart storage ideas.
Hallways that have laundries concealed behind sliding doors. Kitchens able to be hidden from view by sliding a louvered wall in front of them.
Lounges that have fold up seats and storage boxes within them. One of my favourites is in my own home. Next to the fridge is a walk in pantry. Nothing new in that except the pantry continues around behind the fridge and under the main staircase. Heaps of storage in there and a great hiding place for my daughter.

The Swedes have this down pat. Walk into any IKEA store (Please don't take me with you though, please!!!!!) and you will see all the neatest little tricks for maximizing the space in any room.
Here are a few ideas that stand out as being super clever.
This is a bookcase on its side and doubling as a lounge. I think they are missing one of our zuny bookends though:)

Here is a great "hide it under the bed" idea.

For the avid cyclist this rack is a must have

Little people get the best storage stuff. Don't you wish you were a kid again? 

Peace, Abby

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