Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What makes a great kitchen?

What makes a great kitchen? For me it is about 3 things. Location, view and bench space.
Location for me means that the kitchen needs to be where the action is.
I have been fortunate to have lived in places that have been designed by award winning architects and have appeared in the high end design mags. (It is WHO you know, right?)
In these types of properties we always did A LOT of entertaining. The last thing that the host wants is to be removed from the action. So as is the case with most house designs or renovations in Australia of late, the kitchen, dining and lounge areas morph into one.

Zuny open plan kitchen

I need to be involved with my guests and interact as comfortable whilst cooking as I would be on the lounge with them. The kitchen really is the heart of the home.

View; it goes without saying that by being centrally located the view from the kitchen is into the rest of the home just like in the image above.
But for me view goes above just being able to see my guest and household. Of still feeling part of the conversation. I remember days at a home I used to live in, washing up at the sink, looking out at a fog covered sporting field seeing little kids playing soccer. Their bodies stirring up eery shapes in the fog as they ran around.
At another home, I was in the penthouse looking back at the city. Daydreaming mind you whilst performing mundane tasks, but the view outside sure did help.

zuny new york luxury kitchen

Lastly, bench space. I really need, like, love BIG benches. Not because I make such a mess in the kitchen, I usually tidy as I go, but I have many things going on at once I need the space. Plus it makes for a good seat when having a beer and chatting to someone else while cooking.

Zuny poliform kitchen bench

What makes your ideal kitchen??

Peace, Abby

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