Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Floorboards vs Tiles

This topic is a hot one right now in our house. I have a little 1 year and we have 3 levels of tiled floors. Not the most practical flooring for a baby starting to walk around.

So something more forgiving than a rock hard surface is called for.
Having lived in terraces and cottages for half my life I love floorboards. Practical, easy to clean, beautiful to look at and each one different to the next.
If you have pets like I do, you want something that can be cleaned easily. I should add kids too.
Carpet is nice underfoot but expensive to replace and too much effort to clean. I prefer to keep this to the bedroom and even then to a large rug under and around the bed.
Concrete is just too harsh and slate is too 1970's.

What do you have at home??

Love Abby

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