Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Best Laundry Ideas for a confined space.

I have a laundry at home,tucked under the staircase. Great that it is using up space that might be wasted but it could be better designed.
I love the Europeans with their laundry appliances in the kitchen. Makes perfect sense, all the plumbing is there and it saves having another room just for cleaning your clothes.

I have been to many apartments and small terraces where the laundry is behind a cupboard door in the bathroom. Or behind sliding doors in the hall way.
This great idea uses the same amount of space as a single shower cubicle.

Here is one that uses the kitchen's idea of hiding the fridge in a cupboard but hides the washing machine.

Using the kitchen cabinet to hide the washing machine is also a great idea when space poor.

Love Abby

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