Monday, 19 November 2012

What to do with Shoes!!

Shoes, who doesn't love shoes? I used to have the same pair in a variety of colours. I could easily go an buy a new pair every day of the week.

We are all familiar with the shoe cupboards that celebrities have. Rows and rows of colour coordinated shoes.
So I am not going to go there. Where I do want to go is what to do with your shoes if you live in a household  that removes their shoes at the entry? Where do they all go??
After travelling through China I can see why they take their shoes off at the entrance. I have even been to open homes where my shoes had to come off before entering.

So let's look at a few ideas for storing your shoes neatly at the entrance to your house.
First can off the rank is a pretty standard wire rack. Might look good for a while, but it may be exposed to the elements and become rusty, filled with spider webs or just ugly.

This cute cupboard hides a smelly secret.

I really like this idea, very simple and able to be as small or large as you need.

This looks great when not is use, but I can imagine all the marks left on the wall would be a nightmare.

What do you do with your shoes??

Love Abby

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